bizSAFE Award Audit

bizSAFE Award Audit

The annual bizSAFE awards recognises complying companies for their strong commitment to the programme and achievements in Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) through sound and effective management of risks. These awards recognise Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who have attained bizSAFE level 3 and above, and have effectively implemented Risk Management to enhance safety and health performance in their organisations.

Success Safety plays a pivotal role in assessing a range of different businesses and deciding whether or not they comply with the award requirements. Our audit aims to assess an organisations compliance to elements of the risk management scheme while also evaluating whether or not they meet the criteria needed to attain an award.

Our audits are conducted using a standard checklist of 100 questions published by the WSH Council. This shall be conducted by MOM Approved WSH Auditors employed by MOM Approved WSH Auditing Organization.

The Partner Award

The bizSAFE Partner Award recognises associated organisations who have been actively committed to bringing SMEs on board with the programme by including safety as an integral aspect of their business model.

The Enterprise Exemplary Award

This award aims to recognise businesses that are on Level STAR and consistently demonstrate WSH performance to a high standard.

Enterprise Progressive Award

Organisations that demonstrate their dedication to the programme by progressing from level 1 to level 3 within 6 months by using a solid risk management system are able to be recognised with this award.

Assessments lead by professional auditors

All of our audits are conducted by fully trained and qualified professionals who independently assess relevant businesses based on a set of bizSAFE prescribed guidelines.



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