AAS Singapore Services Pte Ltd offers immersive training programs designed for professionals, managers, supervisors, and workers. With a diverse range of courses, we are confident that there is a course that will suit your needs and requirements.

We offers immersive programs that are designed for Professionals, Managers, Supervisors and Workers

AAS Singapore Services Pte Ltd is a well-established and leading provider of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Food Safety training throughout Singapore. We have worked with large corporations, government bodies, small to medium-sized companies, and sole traders.

We understand that practical training is vital to ensure compliance with regulations and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Therefore, we provide in-house practical training on Food Safety & Hygiene at your premises, allowing you to train your workforce in a convenient and effective manner.

Choose AAS Singapore Services Pte Ltd for quality training programs and practical solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business. Our training programs will equip your workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure compliance and safety in your workplace.


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