WSH Performance Audit

WSH Performance Audit

WSH performance award gives recognition to companies or organisations that have performed well in safety and health through the implementation of sound safety and health management systems and/or processes. This prestigious award is opened to all industries including SME & MNC with recognition based on different levels of achievements such as Silver, Gold or Excellence category.
The objective of this audit is to assess organizations compliance to elements of SS506-Safety & Health Management Systems and also check whether organization meets criteria to attain award.

The audit is conducted based on standard checklist of 300 questionnaire published by WSH Council. The audit shall be conducted by MOM Approved WSH Auditors employed by MOM Approved WSH Auditing Organization.
The Audit Methodology includes, Pre-Audit Liaison, Opening Meeting, Familiarisation Tour, Physical Inspection, Interview of Personnel, Closing Meeting, Preparation of Report, Follow Up.


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